NULTD 03 - Side A

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The third vinyl of NuLabel comes impregnated with German Techno of Coeter

21 de septiembre de 2015

The third vinyl adventure of NuLabel lady era pills comes impregnated with authentic German Techno on the hills of Coeter, who signs two original tracks in addition to those of Ixel and Urbano.

Coeter opens the curtain with “110”, track with a deep technoid soul of fanfare, leisurely pace and a mix of raw and hypnotic sounds that drawn on the powerful bassline.

“145” presents the most upbeat and danceable side of Coeter, who submerges us into a univers of synthetic and atmosphericbeats colliding with each other causing a delicious sound reaction.

Ixel lands from Berlin to leave a remix of “110” also in techno key, where he uses practically the same original elements, looking for colder sensations thanks to a sharpe base and stealthy rythm of the track.

Finally the Brazillian Urbano activates all our mexican viagra online senses in his remix of “145”, thanks to a sounding architecture of appearance more forceful and agressive tan the original, but with many elements that form a chaotic and high-flying track.



Mastered at Eternal Midnight by Xergio Cordoba